Temple Services

The Temple provides individual Sankalp Puja at the temple throughout the year. Various worship services like Annaprasan, Birthdays, Griha Pravesh, Weddings, Satyanarayana Puja, etc. can also be provided on-site at the temple or off-site at the devotees’ homes and other places. In order to inquiry on any of these services, please fill the below Services Form and hand it over to Brahmachari Ashim Bhai at the temple or mail it to the temple address given on the form together with your check.

Click view and print or save the WKT Services Form

Please contact wktservices@yahoo.com for further details, arrangements, checking availability of purohit on specific dates and confirmation of your event schedule.

Type of Services Pooja Samagri Lists
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Minimum Donation
At Temple Away from Temple
Special Puja (Satyanarayana, Lakshmi, Amavasya, etc.) Download in PDF format $101/- $151/-
Annaprasan / Mukhe-bhaat, Birthdays, Grihapravesh   Download in PDF format $101/-  $201/-
Upanayan   $251/- $351/-
Hatey Khori   Download in PDF format Any Donation NA
Last Rites / Antim Kriya / Shraddha   Download in PDF format $101/- $151/-
Sehra Bandhi Ceremony   $101/- $151/-
Wedding  Download in PDF format $501/- $501/-
Wedding related (Engagement, Nandimukh, etc.)  Download in PDF format $251/- $251/-
Rent of outside hall (must be left clean after use)    $501/-** NA
Rent of kitchen (must be left clean after use)    $100/- NA
Organization Sponsorship (Non Profit)    $501/- NA
Organization Sponsorship (For Profit)     $1001/- NA
Guru-dakshina / Donation to the Priest   Any amount in Temple Box ONLY Any amount to the Priest

* Only within 50 miles radius of WKT. Sponsor must pick up and drop back priest promptly to WKT.

** Additional $100 deposit; will be refunded after function, and only if hall/kitchen is left clean.

Donation for services (and deposit, if any) to book a specific date should be paid in advance by check made payable to “Washington Kali Temple”. Please see the above Services Form for further details.