Dear Devotee:

Since the founding in March of 2002, The Washington Kali Temple has made great strides in its mission to build a facility for a complete spiritual and religious experience, to worship Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva and Ganesh, and Radha Krishna as well as Nabagrahas. This temple is a shining example of what a community could accomplish collectively in order to sustain its religious and cultural roots. The temple consists of several wings as follows;

  • Ma Kali’s wing (housing Ma Kali, Goddess Jagadhatri and Lord Shiva)
  • Ma Durga’s wing (housing Ma Durga, Ma Lakshmi, Ma Saraswati, Lord Kartik and Ganesh).
  • Radha Krishna Wing (housing Radha Krishna and Lord Hanuman)
  • Nabagraha wing (housing deities representing each graha)
  • Shrine of Shiva (housing Mahadev and 12 jyotirlingas)

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers. We are cognizant of the phenomenal growth in the number of devotees visiting the temple. We are constantly exploring ways to serve you well. The number of religious functions (special services) have increased to satisfy the needs of our divergent devotee community. Thanks to all bhog sponsors, the temple is able to serve free food to the devotees.

Please remember that this your temple and we all have a stake in it. Please remember that it is our collective efforts that will make this temple a great institution.

During this time of the year, on behalf of the Temple we wish you peace, good health and happiness for years to come.

Respectfully yours,
Executive Committee